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Welcome to Zentech! - Your Total Heat Treatment Solution

Zentech is the fastest growing heat treatment company in Oklahoma. We have earned our reputation by providing excellent services both on-site and in-house. We stand ready to handle all your thermal processing needs, so go ahead and bring the heat!

What We Do

We can bring the heat to you – We do field heat treatment on site. No job is too hot for us to handle.

We can take the heat – We can also handle your thermal processing needs in-house with our stress relieving furnace and high velocity burners.

We can make the heat for you – We can manufacture thermal processing equipment to suit your needs.


We Welcome Your Industry

Petroleum Refineries, Petrochemical, Power Plants, Pulp and Paper, Gas Processing, Engineering, Construction, Fabrication, Aerospace, Marine, Offshore, Pipeline

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What We Promise, We Deliver

We can work 24 hours a day, seven days a week to deliver on our promises. We stand behind our work and our promises.

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Thermal Processing to the Max

We have a diverse services and products portfolio for your professional heat treatment needs.

Learn more about our furnace heat treating service, field heat treating services electrical resistance and combustion. Our first-class products include heat treatment equipment, temperature control & measuring equipment, ceramic heating elements, cables & wires, plugs, sockets & connectors, insulation products & installation and other heating accessories.

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