Thermal Processing – Excellence in Degrees


Zentech’s FCP’s consist of a multi-strand 80/20 nickel chrome resistance wire encased with 98.2% alumina. These Alumina beads have excellent high-temperature dielectric properties. The beads are designed to interlock to eliminate wire exposure. The FCP’s are designed for safe, low voltage operation. The flexibility of the heating elements enables them to wrap around the curved surfaces of pipes and pressure vessels. FCP built with nine inches long nickel cold tail. Nickel wired fused each end of the resistance wire with 60 amp camlock connectors. Cold tail enables safe connectivity during the heating operation.

FCP’s are typically secured with stainless steel banding, in some instances this is not practical, the alternative is to secure the FCP’s with stud nails. The stud nails are attached to the surface of the metal via capacitance discharge method. The capacitance discharge attachment procedure involves using a stud welder to attach a 12 gauge stud nail to the work piece.