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Ceramic Fibre Blankets

Ceramics fibre blanket products are available in a wide range of chemistries, densities and thicknesses. Ceramics offers a wide range of fibre blanket products in a wide range of chemistries, densities and thicknesses. The blankets are air laid into a continuous mat and then are mechanically needled for added strength and surface integrity. The blankets exhibit the following characteristics: low thermal conductivity, excellent thermal shock resistance, low heat storage capacity, inorganic – smoke free.

Kaowool® Blankets:
Made from bulk fibres produced by the most modern spinning process, giving exceptional length & uniform distribution which are ideal for manufacturing blanket of controlled density, high tensile strength and resiliency. Kaowool® S & SZr both have temperature classification 1260°C.

Cerablanket®, Cerachem® Blanket & Cerachrome® Blankets
Excellent chemical stability compared with their raw materials, they have excellent strength before and after heating. They have superior acoustic as well as thermal insulation characteristics. Temperature classifications: Cerablanket® 1260°C, CeraChem® & CeraChrome® 1425°C.

Made from pure mullite fibre only, needled on both sides and contains no binder or other added constituent. More resistant to acid and alkaline solutions than conventional alumino-silicate fibre blankets, being virtually free of shot, it has exceptionally good thermal insulation characteristics. Maximum continual use 1600°C.

Superwool Blankets

Superwool® Fibre blankets which are manufactured to offer excellent performance in high-temperature applications. The Superwool® Fibre blankets offer an alternative to traditional solutions due to its high refractoriness and excellent non-wetting characteristics with molten Aluminum. They also provide stability and resistance to chemical attack; however, exceptions include hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid and strong alkalies (i.e. NaOH, KOH). Our Superwool® Fibre blankets are unaffected by incidental spills of oil or water and their thermal and physical properties are restored after drying. These blankets are designed from pure raw Calcium-Magnesium-Silicate (CMS) raw materials and can be altered to achieve desired properties such as fibre diameter, shot content, fibre length and form. The Superwool® Fibre blankets are ideally suited to individual customer applications and are available in a wide range of thicknesses and densities. The maximum continuous use temperature depends on the application.

Superwool®  607® HT Fibre
The only biopersistent fibre available with a classification temperature of 1300°C.

Superwool®  Plus™ Fibre
New and improved Superwool® 607® Fibre. An Engineered solution which saves Energy and respects the Environment. Superwool® PlusTM Fibre Blanket has excellent thermal stability and retains its original soft fibrous structure up to its maximum continuous use temperature.