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Thermocouple Attachment Units

To measure the surface temperature of a metallic workpiece, get the most reliably accurate temperature measurement by turning the workpiece surface into a thermocouple junction with the use of a Thermocouple Attachment Unit (TAU).

The TAU is a major improvement over other methods for attaching thermocouples to both ferrous and non-ferrous metals and attaches thermocouples directly to the workpiece. It also handles high temperatures, up to the 2300°F required for stress relieving carbon and low alloy steels. The TAU is portable and very rugged. The unit attaches thermocouples quickly so that heat treating can be done promptly to get you back online quickly.

Pin Welders

The CD 70 Stud Welder is designed specifically for the insulation contractor. In fact, it is one of the most powerful capacitor discharge units available today. The CD 70 features a separate cup head weld pin contact mode that welds to materials as thin as 20 gauge – without fear of burn through. A unique feature is the 84,000 to 168,000 MFD variable capacitance high/low power range switch which handles the toughest applications. The high power range helps eliminate surface preparation when welding “Power Tip” pins.

The unit’s solid state circuitry lowers maintenance costs, since moving parts are eliminated. And the rugged steel chassis makes the CD 70 able to withstand the rigors of construction jobsites. Gauges and control knobs are protected by a recessed control panel. Circuit breaker protection prevents expensive repair to component parts, such as printed circuit boards. The auto fault shut-off adds to operator safety, and the panel meter displays capacitor discharge voltage at a glance.

An ultra-light 24 ounce precision Contact Gun is included with the CD 70 system. With this Gun, operator fatigue is reduced — thereby increasing production. The weld gun also features interchangeable main spring pressure that is necessary for many special welding applications, and critical in welding aluminum fasteners and dissimilar material. The unique drilled-through gun shaft enables precise gun set up for welding aluminum pins and extra long CD weld pins. The CD 70 Capacitor Discharge Stud Welder

Hardness Testers

Zentech offers a complete range of portable hardness testers for quick and convenient on-site hardness testing. Our hardness testing equipment range is comprised of portable instruments and a large number of probes and impact devices – opening up extensive application ranges – for every testing situation. In addition, our hardness equipment offers a quick and economical supplement to stationary hardness testing in the modern production process.

There are three physical methods of hardness testing recognized in the field: the static UCI (Ultrasonic Contact Impedance) method, the dynamic rebound hardness testing method, and the optical TIV (Through-Indenter-Viewing) method. The decision to utilize a specific method depends on the test problem.

The MIC 10 enables quick and convenient on-site hardness testing according to the UCI method (Ultrasonic Contact Impedance standardized according to ASTM A956 and DIN 50156). The diamond indent in the material’s surface is electronically measured and instantly displayed without using the cumbersome optical evaluation normally associated with conventional hardness testers.

By pressing a key, you can display your reading as a single value or as the active arithmetical average value of a hardness measurement set. Editing of erroneous single values, without having to interrupt the measurement set, is just as simple. Adjustable alarm thresholds show you critical measurement values both visually and with audiable alarms. The calibration parameters for measurements on low and non-alloyed steel are preprogrammed into the MIC10; however, the instrument can be easily and quickly recalibrated to other materials. Instrument operation can be customized for specific testing requirements: unnecessary functions can be inhibited, e.g. various hardness scales or the recalibration capability. This reduces key presses and simplifies operation.


Heavy duty tool, designed specifically for applications that require higher torque. For applications requiring extra strength. Tensions over 3,300 pounds of force Used to apply Stainless Steel Band, Galvanized Carbon Steel Band, and miscellaneous strapping Tensions and cuts off the tail of the clamp being formed Drop forged tool with built in cutter. Spring loaded gripper lever improves ease-of-use, and improves band tensioning