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Temperature Controllers

9300 Series High Performance Temperature & Process Controls

With the highest input resolution for like products, fast scan rate and proprietary Fuzzy Logic Auto Tune the 300 Series provides world-class control performance.

P-41 & 91 Series Profile Ramp/Soak High Performance Controls

Packed with performance and features meeting simple or complicated OEM applications, the P Series provides an unrivaled value.

L41 Series FM Approved Temperature Limit Controls

Future Design Controls FM Approved L41 is a 1/4 DIN control designed to provide limit protection in process applications where FM approvals are required. The L41 is the right choice for safety protection.

FDC-Orion-M I Series Control Systems

The Orion-M I Series Control System is an advanced single and multi-loop, monitor point, and logic controller with integrated LAN features that is sized to meet the automation needs of a wide range of process equipment and provides user-friendly displays.

Temperature Recorders

Zentech’s temperature recorders are multi-point recorders. We maintain and calibrate our recorders at regular intervals, and calibration certificates are traceable to the National Bureau of Standards and are available upon request. Each temperature point is monitored by a thermocouple and is recorded on a continuously running time to temperature chart, providing up-to-the-minute information on the temperature difference trends at any time during the heating operation.

VR Series Paperless Recorders

The VR Series Paperless Recorders, with its’ 6.4″ TFT display (largest display of any 100mm style paperless recorders), is one of the most advanced paperless recorder available.

μR Series Strip Chart Recorders

The strip chart recorder is a multi-point recorder provides strip chart paper. This recording system makes perfect for on-site applications. The standard temperature recorder is available with 12 channels for reliable, accurate records of time-temperature profiles for all control and monitor thermocouples. Recorders are also available with 6 and 24 channels (μR-20000) or as a 2-pen model (μR-10000).