Thermal Processing – Excellence in Degrees

Local Post Weld Heat Treatment operations utilizing the electrical resistance method will incorporate the use of our flexible ceramic pad elements. FCP’s consist of a multi-strand nickel chrome wire encased with 98.2% alumina. The beads are designed to interlock to eliminate wire exposure. The FCP’s are designed for safe, traditional low voltage operation to provide quick and effective service for many jobs, but it is especially useful for preheating and PWHT.

Electrical Resistance method applications including:

  • Line Thawing
  • Preheat Welding
  • Hydrogen Removal
  • Bowl Mill Removal & Replacement
  • Process Heat-Ups
  • Post Weld Heat Treating
  • Stress Relieving & Annealing
  • Heat Shrink/ Expansion/Alignment
  • Hardness Testing & Calibration