Thermal Processing – Excellence in Degrees

Zentech has the largest industrial heat treating car bottom furnace in the region.

Zentech uses a Car Bottom furnace design to heat treat pressure vessels, reactors, steam drums, towers, stacks. Internal usable dimensions are 100′ long x 19′ wide x 17′ high. The Car Bottom’s capacity is 770,000 pounds. For heavy, bulky parts, this “in-and-out,” car-bottom design is a practical solution. Parts are loaded on a track-mounted car, which is rolled into the furnace to form the bottom of the heating chamber.

Zentech overhead cranes are capable of lifting 100,000 pounds. Portable cranes certified for weights over 100,000 pounds are available.

At Zentech, we use only extremely reliable, high-velocity burners that also have low NOx emissions. Maximum operating temperature is 2000°F. Uniform heat treating is absolutely vital to quality and reliability, and ours has uniformity at the soak temperature ± 25°F.

Our Gas Train is directly hooked up with ONG’s main line. Multiple Eclipse Natural Gas Burners and regulators are used with built-in flame safeties to ensure correct pressure is maintained and will automatically shut down in the event of power flame loss.

Zentech’s Temperature Control System is a Honeywell HC900 controller, which provides combining loop and logic control. The furnace is networked with the Experion HS for supervisory control. Experion HS provides our data acquisition software. Monitoring of thermocouples is constant and data is plotted every six minutes and captures the difference in temperatures and the different trends during the heating and cooling cycle. Safeguards / contingency features are managed through data acquisition alarms and flame safety equipment located at the furnace.

We measure the temperature of the metal, not the air!!! Temperature is measured by spot welding the thermocouples on all products that are heat treated at Zentech furnaces. This method captures the absolute temperature of the material. Electronic temperature charts provided for all work. Conventional strip charts are also available.

Furnace Dimensions and Capacity

Description Length(ft) Width(ft) Height(ft) Capacity(lbs)
Furnace No. 4 100 19 17 770,000
Furnace No. 3 32 11 11 240,000
Furnace No. 2 10 9 8 N/A
Furnace No. 1 11 4 4 N/A

Common furnace services we provide include:

  • Hydrogen Removal
  • Stress Relieving, Annealing & Normalizing
  • Post Weld Heat Treatment of large Vessels, Towers, Reactors, etc.
  • Coating Curing
  • Refractory Drying