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Zero accidents zero injuries
Zentech realizes that safety is a factor of primary importance in any organization and on any job.  Zentech sets high standards to ensure maximum safety in all phases of a project. Zentech is committed to maintaining a zero lost-time accident program in line with the industry’s best safety practices.

At Zentech, our crews operate under strict guidelines. Zentech has developed and maintains a safety program with clear guidelines and detailed procedures to ensure that we protect our most valuable resources—our people. Every piece of equipment operated by Zentech is equipped with modern safety features integrated in the design and manufacturing of that piece.

Zentech practices pre-hire, random, and for-cause drug testing, in addition to documented general safety inspections carried out on a routine basis to ensure your projects are being serviced by no one but the best heat treating professionals available.

We are committed to safety—in fact, our company slogan is “Safety is our aim, Zentech is our name.” This is not just a slogan; it is the way we do our business, from the smallest project to th biggest jobs, we approach every project with the same commitment to safety is job number one. Therefore we have zero accidents zero injuries. And we are proud of our impeccable safety record.